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A Program for Emerging Adults at First CRC

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What is Enfold? 

Enfold is a year-long program for recent college graduates and emerging adults who seek to serve God in their careers and to find their place in his family, the church. 

How does it work? 

Each year, a small cohort will be invited to live together in a church provided home in Denver's popular Platt Park neighborhood. Program participants will work at jobs they have secured for themselves in the metro area, will participate in the life of First CRC through worship, discipleship, community, and mission, and will receive the love and support of a welcoming church family.

Why Enfold? 

Finding your place in a new city and in a new community is hard. With the Enfold program, First CRC desires to intentionally come alongside emerging adults with support, encouragement, and love as they seek to discover their place both in God's family and in God's broader Kingdom.    

What's the Catch? 

Come be a part of us! 

Really, that's it. First CRC is eager to offer the gift of low rent housing, to invest in you, and to welcome you into our church family, into our homes, and into our lives. All we ask in return is that you participate in the life of our church family by

regularly attending corporate worship, using your gifts to serve, and by taking advantage of discipleship and mentoring opportunities. 

How Can I Learn More? 

Check out our FAQ's here.

If you have another question or would like to talk more, contact us here.

Ready to apply? Click here!  

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